We’re on a mission to make sure that New Jersey residents 60+ are
able to access the COVID-19 and flu vaccinations they need.

Get Help with Vaccinations

Our team can help you locate a vaccination, schedule your appointment, even find transportation to get you there. Call our Community Outreach team at 1-800-298-9812 ext.5 or click below to submit online.

Partner with Our Team

We are partnering with organizations serving the 60+ community to offer on-site and virtual assistance. Click below to send a message online or call 1-800-298-9812 ext. 3 to see how we can work together.

Access Reliable Resources

Are you looking for reliable resources to share with your community? Our team has created social media posts, flyers, and more, that you can download for free in our online resource bank.

We asked Dr. Martin Topiel, Virtua Health’s head of infectious disease, your
questions about the respiratory viruses circulating this season, including COVID, flu, and RSV.
Click here to listen in.

We asked Dr. Stanley H. Weiss, a physician, epidemiologist, and professor in the Department of Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, your 12 most commonly- asked questions about COVID and flu vaccination.
Click here to listen to him respond to your questions.

Want to share Dr. Weiss’s responses to these common FAQs with your network? Download the full library of video files addressing each question here.
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Do we really need to get another COVID vaccine?

What are the main benefits of COVID vaccination?

Will this new COVID vaccine help with the new variants?

Who should be getting the new COVID vaccine, and when?

Are the possible side effects of the new COVID vaccine any different from previous vaccines and boosters?

Are flu shots for seniors different than those for the rest of the population?

Can I receive my COVID and flu vaccinations at the same time?

How can I get help finding a pharmacy or scheduling my appointment?

What role does masking play in this year’s COVID and flu season?

What vaccines are indicated for adults over 60 or 65?

Does COVID present itself today like it did years ago?

Does the rapid antigen test detect new variants?

About This Effort

Jersey Kicks COVID & Flu is a collaboration of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, the Essex Passaic Wellness Coalition, the Ocean Monmouth Health Alliance, and the Burlington Camden County Regional Chronic Disease Coalition, and is administered by Kendrick & Company.

This COVID-19 and Influenza Vaccine Uptake Initiative for Older Adults and People with Disabilities is supported with funding from the Administration for Community Living, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.